Dreaming Dead Things

Ryan M. Williams

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College is a nightmare.

Four years ago, Ravyn discovered the truth that she had feared her whole life.

She had the power to wake dead things. The sort of power that caused the Inquisition to brand people as witches. She’d managed to pass the Inquisition’s test and keep her secret. Now it was time to be tested again.

Every four years, as the granddaughter of a witch, Ravyn faced their tests. It couldn’t come at a worst time with her college studies. And the nightmares.

If the Inquisition discovered her abilities, she could end up burned like her grandmother. The methods had changed. Witches that weren’t killed faced chemical and surgical brain surgery designed to eliminate any supernatural abilities. If it left the witch a burned-out shell barely able to function? That was too bad.

It isn’t only mid-terms Ravyn faces now. Her worst fears are coming for her.

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