Ryan M. Williams | Librarian and Science Fiction Writer
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Invasion of the Book Snatchers
An unspeakable invasion has begun in Rainier, Washington, a small town home to bluegrass, homemade cookies, and dirt bike races. It threatens to take over Rainier and gain a foothold on the world—unless Sarah finds a way to stop the invasion! eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
The Gingerbread House
A member of the Moreau Society threatens everything that Brock Marsden cares about—the woman he loves, his friends, his entire planet. It's up to Brock to stop a killer who has perverted the Galactic technology that Moreau Society members use to enhance their DNA. A Moreau Society Novel eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
Dark Matters
On the planet Olinda, the Moreau Society seeks self-improvement through life-threatening genetic manipulation. Brock Marsden uses his alien-enhanced DNA to solve the toughest cases—like this one. A Moreau Society Novel eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
Crunch Bang: The Chrystal Eagle Stories
The secrets to the Crunch Bang drive lay in the remnants of the Big Bang—there for any species to discover. A starliner means passengers, and passengers love to eat and drink. Mostly. Which means that they excrete waste and its Chrystal Eagle’s job as First Technician on the Elegant Slipstream to manage the entire complex system. The greatest gig in the galaxy—except for the passengers. Crunch Bang collects the three stories that launched the Crunch Bang universe: “The Greatest Gig,” “Love, [unpronounceable],” and “Shore Leave.” eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
Stowaway to Eternity
A starliner cruise perched on the edge of oblivion. A murder no one believes happened. Chief Steward Abel Michaels of the starliner Neutron's Sonata has a murder with no evidence, a faulty AI (even though that's impossible), a ship full of passengers of all species, events to plan, and a black hole on the verge of a supernova explosion. eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
The Task of Auntie Dido
C. Auguste Dupin wants what all cats want: naps, plenty of savory sardine crackers, and the attention of his human, librarian Penny Copper. He won't get any of that until he helps Penny figure out how a simple task for her Auntie Dido has gone deadly wrong! eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)