Ryan M. Williams | Librarian and Science Fiction Writer
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Stowaway to Eternity
A starliner cruise perched on the edge of oblivion. A murder no one believes happened. Chief Steward Abel Michaels of the starliner Neutron's Sonata has a murder with no evidence, a faulty AI (even though that's impossible), a ship full of passengers of all species, events to plan, and a black hole on the verge of a supernova explosion. eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
Past Lives
His lover is lost in his past. Alien tech holds the key to unlock a case that challenges the fate of worlds. A Moreau Society Novel eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
The Murders in the Reed Moore Library
When bodies turn up in the Reed Moore Library's book drops, the library cat, C. Auguste Dupin, goes to work to help librarian Penny Copper solve the mystery. eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
Invasion of the Book Snatchers
An unspeakable invasion has begun in Rainier, Washington, a small town home to bluegrass, homemade cookies, and dirt bike races. It threatens to take over Rainier and gain a foothold on the world—unless Sarah finds a way to stop the invasion! eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
Dark Matters
On the planet Olinda, the Moreau Society seeks self-improvement through life-threatening genetic manipulation. Brock Marsden uses his alien-enhanced DNA to solve the toughest cases—like this one. A Moreau Society Novel eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)
Europan Holiday
If Lovecraft and Heinlein wrote a Christmas story it might look a lot like this. Europa Nick finds himself trapped in a Christmas miracle—on Europa. eBook (includes ePub, Kindle, PDF options)