Creating a Series Bible Using Plottr: Part One

Creating a Series Bible Using Plottr: Part One

Follow along as I dive into Plottr to create a series bible for my Moreau Society series of books.



In Part 1, we'll create a new project in Plottr for the series outline. I'm using my science fiction series Moreau Society in this project. If you don't already have Plottr, you can get it here:

If you haven't already read my Moreau Society books and a want to avoid spoilers, check out the links below.


Use this link to buy direct and get DARK MATTERS for $1.99:

Or, pick up the entire MOREAU SOCIETY bundle for only $16.99:


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  • 01:26 Create a new project
  • 06:02 Adding cover art
  • 11:41 Timeline overview
  • 14:15 Navigation and future videos

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  • 📝I use Typora ( for writing my drafts—fantastic markdown editor.
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