This Week’s Sketching Activity

Rather than post each day, I thought I might share my daily sketches in a weekly post instead.


Venus Waking

Carys Rex, professional daredevil and freelance adventure writer, wanted the next big adventure. After everything that she had tackled on Earth the next challenge was a sky city floating in hurricane force winds on another planet — Venus!

Hired by the Diaspora Group, Carys gets a chance to visit the most remarkable colony established and discover new adventures among the sulfuric acid clouds.

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Rachmaninoff on Mercury

Mercury Rising

Larunda Stark wants the Chief Geologist position in the Diaspora Group’s Taft outpost on Mercury. One of thirteen lucky colonies launched throughout the solar system, Mercury is key to the success of the effort and unforgiving of mistakes.

Also in the running for the position is Mason Gray. As if she needed the distraction.

Everything the Diaspora Group plans centers on success at Mercury and it could all either be her greatest success — or greatest failure.

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Daily Sketch #46 Self Portrait pt. 3, and Careers

2015-02-13 Daily

Worked on the self-portrait a bit more this morning. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on things other than writing and painting. Taxes, for one. I need to get that done so that I can finish my financial aide application. Yep, I’m heading back to school for another graduate degree (depending on getting accepted, getting approved for the loan I’ll need, etc.). Why now?

I’m always striving to learn. When it comes to the day job, my career in libraries, it’s not enough to learn. At some point you also need to have a Master of Information and Library Science degree. Or Master of Library Science degree. I’ve done well with my career for over twenty years but I have just as many years ahead of me — before retirement — as I’ve already worked. I’m going to want options and the MLIS degree will give me that opportunity. I’ve got to earn the degree first.

Nothing is guaranteed. Jobs end and self-employed writers have career crashes as well. No one is immune. I plan to do well in all of my careers. That’s the plan. I’ve put a huge focus on my writing and art for a long time and I have no intentions on giving up working at my goals in those areas. I am shifting my focus right now to pursue this degree. It will impact how much writing and art I’m able to do. It already has since I made the decision. Titles I thought I’d have out haven’t been released because I’ve been focusing on other things. That’s not to say I haven’t worked on them, it’s just going to take longer than originally planned.

The next couple years will be fun!