Europan Holiday – Ryan M. Williams

Europan Holiday


If Lovecraft and Heinlein wrote a Christmas story it might look a lot like this.

Europa Nick finds himself trapped in a Christmas miracle—on Europa.

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If Lovecraft and Heinlein wrote a Christmas story it might look a lot like this.

Left with next to nothing after his divorce, Nick moves to an isolated property outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, and builds a tiny cabin designed to look like a futuristic space over. He launches a successful online blog and YouTube channel as Europa Nick, the guy who builds spacesuits, simulates exploring Jupiter's moon Europa, and author of Build Spacesuits, Will Explore, the hit D.I.Y. book on creating a functional spacesuit using 1960s technology. Europa Nick never expected that his fantasies might take on a terrifying new reality.

A strange, elfin young woman shows up during a potentially deadly blizzard and proclaims that Nick is the one they seek. Nick's disbelief soon turns to terror when his space-age cabin is taken on an impossible journey. Nick's dreams and nightmares collide in an adventure he never imagined possible.

Europa Nick is trapped in a Christmas miracle that threatens humanity's existence in this exciting science fiction adventure. If you love weird science fiction with a sense of wonder, buy your copy today.


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