Final Substack Post

Final Substack Post

Hi, I’m Ryan M. Williams, writer, illustrator, and librarian. I know I haven’t written anything to the list in some time, so I’ll keep this short.

I’m moving Readinary off Substack. I have three main reasons for this:

  • I want my newsletter and posts integrated into my site—not hosted elsewhere.

  • I want functionality Substack doesn’t offer.

  • I’m not happy with the content-moderation decisions at Substack. It isn’t censorship to decide who you want to invite into your house, or to tell them to leave if they are offensive. At the end of the day, the bigger concern for Substack is keeping costs down and content-moderation is expensive.

Prepare to Beam Up

Prevent Transporter Accidents (3d modeling and texturing by me, done in Blender).

What do you need to do? Nothing.

I’m down in the engine room working on getting everything set up on my site. On June 2nd, I'll beam everyone up and hopefully there won’t be any transporter accidents in the process. Assuming all of our molecules are in the right places, I’ll retire the Substack publication. It might take a little longer to shuttle over all of the posts.

I hope you’ll stick around. It’s going to be an adventure.

If you’d rather not join the crew for this new mission—click the unsubscribe link below with my best wishes.

Happy Reading!


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