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Using a Kindle Paperwhite to Review Your Novel

Have you written a novel? Or a story? When you've finished the writing, what happens next? A Rest Period I like a rest period. I might go ahead and write something else. I need a break. I've spent many

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Writing, Business or Hobby?

Are you an entrepreneur or a hobbyist? Do you know? Let's look at some characteristics of both approaches.

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4 Techniques to Fit Writing Into Your Day

When did you last feel like you had all the time in the world to write? How long since you had a day free from distractions and demands on your time? Here are 4 techniques to fit writing into your busy

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Full Focus Planner

What Would You Give For More Focus in 2018?

You'll gain focus by killing your darlings. It isn't only self-indulgent writing that needs to go. You're a busy creative with many other demands on your time. You can't afford to chase every new idea—no

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Nuke the Entire Site From Orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

via GIPHY True words. Over the past few days, my sites came under attack from hackers. The code infested everything. No sooner would I strip it out and try to secure one site, I would discover it somewhere

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