Weekly Story

Tomorrow I plan to post my story Space Lot. I also have some other stories to tell you about, more on that a bit further down.

Library Updates

Summer semester @SJSU iSchool for my MLIS program picks up again next week. The short break gives me some time to do some other things. I’ll only have the one class (but a shorter semester), so I plan to build on things I studied this last semester. I have a stack of books to work through, as well as Lynda.com course I want to work on.

I’m also having fun at work in the libraries. I’m able to get out and work in our libraries usually 2-3 days out of the week. Finally being more mobile really helps.

Drive-By Stories

Back in March I first mentioned my new project, Drive-By Stories (stories written during my commute), when I wrote Born Lucky and anticipated a soft launch in April. I posted another update a couple weeks later after finishing another couple stories. Then April got really busy with final projects and the WLA conference.

The project became more complicated. First, I wanted certain details with the website and initially I considered creating the site entirely from scratch. Realizing that was ridiculous I decided to use Grav CMS since it already had much of the functionality I wanted: flat-file instead of a database, flexible, easy to customize, markdown support, etc. Only my webhost didn’t support current versions of PHP needed, as well as lacking many other useful features. It spurred me to begin migrating instead to Dreamhost.com. I shouldn’t have waited so long, they offer so much more and have been great to work with. I needed to renew domains anyway, so it’s a good time to transfer.

I’m happy to say that Drive-By Stories is now live. Basic default Grav theme right now, so it doesn’t capture the pulp feel I’m interested in adding but theme development will take more time. Even so the basic functionality is there. Essentially, each time you visit (or refresh) the site it will randomly select and display a story. These are ‘flash’ fiction stories written during my commutes. I’ll continue to add new stories as I create them but I’m not going to worry about promotion or anything at this point. Eventually, once I have more content (there are only four stories right now), cover art and a custom theme, I’ll make more of an effort to share new updates. In the meantime, if you’re interested, feel free to visit.

This Week

Lots of things to work on from studies, to getting my library site, BooksAreForUse.com updated, to tackling numerous other projects. If I had several weeks I might make a dent. Lacking that I’ll do what I can as time/energy allows. I have a normal busy week at the Library. I think I’ll also start working on some of those Lynda.com and Schoolism.com courses that I’ve been meaning to start.