This is been quite a week, with some tears, and joy, and a birdie.

Weekly Story

Last week the free weekly story was So Little Time. There will be another new story up tomorrow, Hidden Nests, so check back for that tomorrow.

#20MinutesADay challenge update

This week saw the completion of Michael Nobbs’ #20MinutesADay challenge over at Sustainably Creative. As busy as I am, one of the things I want to do is develop a more consistent practice of digital drawing and painting. I have a lot of ideas of things that I want to illustrate, from book covers, to websites, to a children’s book, so I really wanted to work on the habitat of daily drawing. I found the challenge worked very well, and I was able to accomplish a little bit of progress each day, which was the point. I haven’t completed my drawing, but the animated gif below will show you a bit of how the drawing grew over the course of the challenge.


One of the things I hadn’t anticipated with the challenge was how much I would enjoy a the community participation. A lot of really wonderful people posted to the Sustainably Creative forums, sharing their work, struggles, and processes. Rather than just being me developing a habit it ended up being a much more engaging experience being part of that community.


Last week was the interview week. At least it felt that way, one of the things I spent a lot of time on this last week were interviews, looking for new people to join our library system. The folks I interviewed did very well and it’s always great to get a chance to meet people and talk to them about their plans and interest in being part of a library. Unfortunately we can’t choose everyone, so that’s too bad. I wish everyone the best of luck.

Hoodsport Timberland Regional Library
Hoodsport Timberland Regional Library

I also had an opportunity spend time working in libraries and that was fun. Not to mention all of the usual were in meetings and everything else that went on to keep the library running.

On the education side of library, it has been an interesting week with lots of readings and lectures and assignments due. Today I’m working on finalizing an assignment that’s due this evening so that’s going to take a large part of my time this Easter Sunday when I’m not otherwise occupied with family events.

My Grandfather, I’ll Miss You

The difficult thing this week was the passing of my grandfather. Richard Haag, born 1922, passed away on Thursday with his son by his side. The two things that I associate most with my grandfather were always his strength, and his laugh. That, and to be honest, the third thing was the lack of hair, which clearly I have been inherited. Looking at pictures, though, he lost his hair at a much younger age. And of course his love. I know he was tired and ready to be done. I hadn’t seen him much but I will still miss him.

Caucus, Undeniable and Jury Summons

The week ended on a positive note by attending our local precinct caucus here in Washington state, held at the local elementary school gym.

In our district there are several other precincts also in the gym and the turnout was much higher than in 2008. In 2008 the coordinator said that only 10 people showed up. This year we filled the gym.

Our local precinct, counting surrogate affidavits, included 19 people — yes I live in the small town — and at the start of the caucus 18 of those were strongly in favor of Sen. Bernie Sanders. At the end of the process 19 had Sen. Bernie Sanders down as their choice and I ended up being one of the primary delegates chosen to go on to the legislative district caucus on April 17 and the county caucus on May 1.

It was fascinating listening to people speak about why they support Sen. Sanders, and it was very clear that a number of the people consider themselves independents and they are voting for Sen. Sanders given his career as an independent. We also had people who said stated that if Sen. Sanders does not receive the nomination, they cannot in good conscience, vote for Secretary Clinton. Based on their values they will not vote in the presidential election. None expressed any sort of preference for the candidates running on the Republican side, but for many of the people Secretary Clinton is on the Republican side. She is seen as a corporate, Goldwater Republican calling herself a Democrat.

I don’t hold to the belief that Republicans are bad. I do however hold to the belief that many of the people currently running as Republicans are. The sort of awful hatred, bigotry and anti-scientific views espoused by candidates running for the Republican nomination is appalling. There is not a single Republican candidate other then Secretary Clinton that I could possibly support as president. I’m thrilled to be able to go to the next steps of the caucus and cast my support behind Sen. Sanders.

Speaking of the anti-science crowd, this week I’ve been listening to Undeniable by Bill Nye and it is fantastic! This is easily one of my favorite books for the year.

In week ahead I have jury summons, spring break from school which means I’ll have a chance to catch up on some things, and a busy week at the library. I’ll check back in next week.