I didn’t really notice spring break last week.

Weekly Story

Last week’s free weekly story involved a chicken detective in Hidden Nests. Tomorrow I’ll share Candles’ Bridge, a science fiction tale.


I continued my drawing practice this week, still working on the picture I shared last week. I’m working on that five days out of the week, then taking two days off.


I enjoyed a busy week at the library with interviews, various meetings and catching up on tasks. I didn’t make it out to a library because I had jury summons (reported, didn’t get to serve) and didn’t want to schedule time in a library that I might have to cancel. I’m out at two libraries this week, though, so that’ll be nice.

As far as library studies it was spring break last week! I didn’t notice, remaining busy working on various assignments, readings, papers, etc. Fun stuff, interesting stuff, just wasn’t really a break. I find that I’m adding more and more books to my never-shrinking stack as classes lead me to want to learn so much more than we have time to study in class. It also prompted me to update my LibraryThing catalog. I’d like to be more consistent about tracking what I’m reading. I also added a widget which shows the more recent additions. I have seven books right now that I’ve been reading.

This Week

I anticipate another week of drawing, working at the library and studying library science. As I draw closer to the end of the semester I have several large projects to work on so that’s going to be a large focus over the next few weeks. I may work on a few short short stories to use with Drive-By Stories when it launches, but it depends on available time and energy.