The Bloodied Fang

New Edition

Today marks the release of the new edition of The Bloodied Fang, first book of the Goblin Alley series. It was previously published under my pen name “Michael Burges.” This new edition also includes a preview of the soon to be released The Eleven Lords. 

I’ve wanted to get these books out for some time. Finding the time, though, that’s been the challenge. My dear editor has gone through all three books, including book 3, Trow Forge, so it’s just a matter of time to get them all done and released.

Plunge into Goblin Alley, a world wide web of magic, wealth and danger linking every city around the planet to the goblin city Goblinus.

Dalton Hicks, senior in high school and star cross country runner, dreamed of the President’s national championship in New York. How many guys from Olympia got to go to a race like this? Even perfect moments have a way of going wrong.

Trouble starts for Dalton when monsters chase him down a New York alley and out into the goblin city — where the Goblin King puts a price on his head.

Aided by Mingmei, a fox shape shifter, Dalton seeks his only chance at escape – steal a magical artifact back from the fairies for the Goblin King. Caught between powerful forces, Dalton finds himself in the race of his life across two worlds!