Daily Thoughts 121: Design Thinking

I tackled my taxes today. I’ve been working on it. I just hadn’t finished yet and suddenly it was April! Fortunately, our taxes aren’t all that complex at this point even with the self-employment and education aspects in addition to my position. As usual, I used TurboTax to prepare and file my taxes.

I’m reading a bunch of books right now. I started two recently for one of my classes. A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel H. Pink, and The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman. I’m enjoying both.

Book Covers

It’s interesting.


I still haven’t made much progress recently on my challenges. Too busy with everything else. Today I prioritized time with family over other activities, except some time to get studying done. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow!

Daily Thoughts

Author self-portrait It’s been a long day! I spent the day completing my final project report and demo for the Big Data Analytics and Management course in my MLIS program at SJSU. I wanted it done today so that I’d have tomorrow free to celebrate the end of the semester with Kate and Xander.

Project Demo

The project demo is a brief overview of some of the research I did on my Unstable Ground: A Decade of Oklahoma Earthquakes project. I uploaded it to YouTube to share on the class board, so I’ll include the link here too.

I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted with the project—there just wasn’t time. I had ambitions to do much more, ambitions that had to be scaled back to fit the scope of the project.

Stuffy Battle

Father and son playing in a hammock.A more immediate celebration was having a stuffy battle with Xander—in the hammock with an epic music collection playing (thanks to Amazon Music). Stuffy battle, in Xanderverse, is a bit like a Pokemon battle or a pet battle in World of WarCraft. Only I have no way to know what’s possible, or how I’m doing, except for Xander telling me. Strangely, I usually win. I think it’s because he wants ‘my’ characters to keep leveling up so he can continue the story. Today ended with my opponents escaping with the blackberries, followed by a cinematic with the evil clam character.

Winter Break!

If it wasn’t already clear—I’m done with the Fall 2016 semester! Grades should be available right before Christmas. I think I did fine this semester, though my GPA did dip a bit with INFO285 (I learned a lot, though). Nothing to worry about. The only thing left to do for this semester is to save discussion posts so that I can use those in my e-portfolio. I’ll be on winter break until late January, giving me time to work on other projects (and begin reading books for next semester).

Screenshot of Trello Board

It’s weird (but good) to see my Trello board empty. This semester was a bit more stressful than some previous semesters. I’m looking forward to Spring 2017—my last semester of classes (with my e-portfolio in the Fall).

TurboTax Self-Employed

I also started work on my taxes today, using TurboTax Self-Employed. I’ve used TurboTax in one form or another for a long time. I’m glad to see they have a version focused on self-employed people, including those with a day job earning some side income. One of my goals for 2017 is to work more on our business at Glittering Throng Press.

Daily Update, or Investing in the Moment

Investing in the moment.
Investing in the moment.

Current Word Count Stats

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Like so many days off, this one was full of other things to do. We got to take our son to play with other kids, to visit a State Park and enjoy a beautiful day together.

Even though I didn’t get to finish my word count for the day before we left, it was worth it. He had a lot of fun (except for when it was time to leave). By the time we got back the afternoon was passing and I still needed to get my writing done. First, I needed to do something that I’d been putting off.


I’ve been putting it off. Not because I have any issues with doing my taxes. I had the documents I needed and all of that. It’s simply that it hadn’t risen quite to the top of the priority list. Usually I’m focused on getting my writing or publishing tasks done instead. Given the date, though, I really couldn’t put it off any longer. That ended up taking up the rest of the afternoon.

Which meant getting back to writing this evening to meet my word count for the day. The new novel is coming along well, I’m really enjoying it.

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