Daily Thoughts 95: SuperBetter

Author's selfie My brain is an asshole, as Wil Wheaton might say. I didn’t realize this for a long time. I just figured my brain is, well, my brain. I didn’t think much about it. I believed what it told me. I denied my depression and anxiety. That’s a whole complex issue in our society. What happens in your head, stays in your head. You don’t talk about problems like depression, which makes it much harder to get better. In my case, I struggled with it for years, not diagnosed, not even really understanding what was wrong. I went through a period thinking something was wrong, maybe my thyroid, or something else. Nothing really came up. My doctor asked if I was depressed?

“No,” I said. What does that even mean?

It took a major depressive episode before I sought out help and realized what was going on. It happened as I made a major change, going back to school. I got help. Things turned around and I have a lot more tools to keep myself healthy and I’m doing better than ever.

Recently I found a new tool that looks interesting: SuperBetter!


SuperBetter cover artI know, it’s not new. Lots of people know about it. I first heard about it recently in one of my classes (on gamifying information), which referenced Jane McGonigal. As it turned out, I already had SuperBetter (the book) on my list at Audible. I went ahead and started listening to it—and really enjoy it! I’ve signed up, installed the app, and I’m beginning to explore using it as another tool in my kit.

Daily Sketch Challenge

McCoy sketchI spent some time this evening having fun sketching. I did have an interruption from a visitor with a question.

Daily Thoughts 90: Dentist and Late Night Streaking

Author's SelfieYet again, I didn’t get to my challenges until later in the day. I started the day going to the dentist before heading off to the library. You know what that means, right?

Take a minute to enjoy the brilliance (not just my smile).

Love it! My visit wasn’t anything like that, of course! I’ve been going to the same dentist for something like twenty years now, and my hygienist (Stacie) did a great job today.

Late Night Streaking

Sketch of a bearWhat were you thinking of? I was thinking that I haven’t had a chance today to get in my challenges, but the power of streaks is such that I took the time anyway to get them done. A few minutes, it isn’t too much to ask!

I didn’t write (dictate) during my commute today. Instead, I listened to SuperBetter by Jane McGonigal. I hadn’t heard about it until recently. I’m enjoying it! I finished up my writing challenge this evening after doing the sketch.