Daily Thoughts 125: The Challenge of Play

Author's selfie I spent the major part of the day today training new employees. This is an aspect of my job that I enjoy. I particularly like it when people question assumptions that the organization has had in place for a long time. I always want to know if we’re wearing blinders and there is something that we haven’t considered, or something that we should reconsider because times and/or circumstances have changed.

Daily Sketch Challenge!

Quail SketchI took time this morning for a quick sketch. I listened to Michael Nobbs’s podcast, then spent a few minutes working on the sketch of a quail. I saw a flock the other morning on my way to work and thought it’d make a good subject for today’s sketch. I haven’t been making time for my challenges recently, due in part to time constraints from focusing on school assignments. It’s a challenge to know whether or not spending time on the challenges will mean that I run out of time to complete assignments. Interestingly, I don’t usually worry too much about time spent on other things, so it’s odd to single out a short creativity session as being the thing that caused the problem. I think it’s still rooted in the challenges being ‘important.’ They’re supposed to be play.

I increased the speed of the middle of the video.

Daily Thoughts 81: Challenges Day One

Author's selfie I got to spend time in Olympia today. This was my library to go to as a college student. I’ve had opportunities to work here over the years including acting as the Circulation Supervisor during one transition and as the Library Manager during another. I enjoy having the chance to spend time in this library!

Sketch Challenge

Daily sketch for 2/21/2017I started my daily sketch challenge this morning and recorded it as I worked. It’s funny what thoughts immediately boil up to the surface of my mind about what disclaimers to put on this video. All the ways that we tell ourselves you’re not very good. Maybe that’s true (see, there’s one). My point in doing the challenge is simply to do it. To put in the time. To practice.

Can I seriously not make five minutes for drawing each day? Has my life gotten that busy? I hope not.

Writing Challenge

2017 Writing Pledge BannerI also started the 400-word challenge this morning and ended up with 457 words after redrafting my dictation. Dictating is just like sitting down to a blank page. I basically talked to myself, brainstorming until I came up with an idea that I liked. I based the idea on the Wizardly Librarians game concept. I thought it might be fun to set a story in that universe. I picked one of the characters from the game and started a short, simple story. It isn’t done. I’m curious to see where it goes. Tomorrow!