Daily Thoughts 112: Rogue One, Quick Sort

Author's selfieI enjoyed my walk this morning. Sticking to the strategy I posted about yesterday, I went out first thing and didn’t turn on the computer until after I got back well over 7,000 steps later. I’ll finish the rest of my 10,000 steps during the day.

Rogue One!

I’m excited that Rogue One is out today (streaming). I’m looking forward to watching it again as soon as I have time. I do have a backlog of movies I haven’t watched yet.

Quick Sort

Want to organize your books? Learn how to sort quickly with this great video.

So What?

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic posted about the main point in a visualization with So What?, a blog post about being clear about the point we’re trying to make. This is an area I plan to spend more time on in the future but haven’t done so lately due to time constraints.

The post reminded me to think more broadly about the question and it’s application to things like illustration and cover art. A book cover must communicate with a reader in an instant, catch their attention, and convey something about the experience offered by the book. It is something to keep in mind as I approach my massive reboot after this semester. I need to take the time necessary to develop each aspect of the books. Not to the point of obsessing over perfection, but to the point that I’m satisfied it is the best effort I can make at this time.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Daily Sketch ChallengeBefore settling in to study this evening, I wanted to spend a few minutes working on a sketch. Time passes quickly in a flow state, so I was surprised when my sketch break ended!

Daily Thoughts 22

Author's selfie I stayed up late last night watching The Conjuring 2, woke up late as a result but I’m off work today so that was fine! We ran some errands this morning and I’m glad we went as early as we did because it was still very busy!

The Conjuring series

A few years ago, The Conjuring hit theaters. With Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, directed by James Wan. Based on the “true stories” of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the films focus on families caught in terrifying supernatural situations. I think Farmiga and Wilson work well together, and I appreciate the thread running through the movies of families sticking together and of couples stronger together.

A spin-off followed, Annabelle.

And now there is The Conjuring 2.

Apparently they’re planning another Annabelle movie and one called The Nun about the evil force from the recent movie. I expect there’s a good chance of making a The Conjuring 3 given the success of the films ($900 million combined from a combined $66 million budget).

Similar franchises such as Insidious (another James Wan series, the first also starred Patrick Wilson), or Ouija (I still haven’t seen the sequel, which is supposed to be better), haven’t done as well as The Conjuring and it’s spin-offs. Part of that, I think, is due to the themes and the approach in this series, as well as Farmiga and Wilson working well together.

Rogue One

Easily one of the best Star Wars movies! I thought it was great. Dark, true, in the way The Empire Strikes Back had a darker tone. It clearly shows that the Empire is not good. Much like A Song of Fire and Ice, this isn’t a nice world to inhabit. It’s a tough, dark, mean universe. Even so, hope survives. The movie doesn’t quite exist as a ‘stand-alone’ movie the way it might have done, but it feels like the door opened to tell stories in the Star Wars universe. I look forward to seeing how things develop.

Writing/Art Progress

This morning, knowing how busy we’d be, I spent a bit working on the story. I also launched Artrage and experimented with the tools. I’ve been so happy with the way the digital painting software works on the new computer. It feels entirely different as if the shackles are finally removed!

Daily words: 225 words
Monthly words: 1,655 words
Writing streak: 5 days
Drawing time: 15 minutes
Drawing Streak: 5 days

Daily Thoughts 21

Author's selfie Today is Star Wars’ Eve! That is, tomorrow I plan to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The other day I rewatched Episode IV A New Hope. It looks a bit different than the version that I saw when I was six years old. I actually fell asleep the first time I saw it at the Lancaster Drive-In, but my parents took us back to see it again. It’s nearly been forty years since that first experience. I was part of the fan club, collected the action figures and toys, and have watched the movies again and again over the years in different formats. Although I didn’t hate the prequels, they didn’t reach the level of The Force Awakens or (according to reports) Rogue One.

Confidentiality and Libraries

Librarians hold that privacy is essential to the exercise of free speech, and as such, keep records confidential. It is a vital service provided by librarians. Anyone can come in, borrow or access whatever materials they like, and we protect their right to privacy. We do a lousy job of talking about this service! The American Library Association does run campaigns to help increase awareness, such as Choose Privacy Week. Without privacy and confidentiality, what people read, view, or access could fall under scrutiny from others. Want to borrow a copy of the Qur’an? What if people thought that reading it made you a terrorist? (Not that anyone would do that, no). Of course, you should have access to read a copy, and your reasons are your own and the concern of no one else!

As a writer, I feel this sort of thing very keenly. Everything has the potential to be of interest to me. Whether making bombs, different cultural attitudes about sex, treatment options for infectious diseases—literally anything at all could be research for my writing, or simply something to satisfy my boundless curiosity. That doesn’t mean that I’m not self-conscious about what I borrow. For one thing, I work in the library! It’s entirely possible that I might want to read something, but at the same time, it may not be the sort of thing I want my coworkers seeing. Do you want to share everything you read, watch, or access with your coworkers? Even if you do, your feelings are unlikely to be universal.

In any case, this is one area where librarians stand as staunch defenders of privacy and free speech. We just need to do a better job sharing that story with everyone else.

Writing/Art Progress

Three weeks of daily posts today! It’s amazing how fast that happened. I spent my drawing time experimenting in Sketchbook Pro.

Daily words: 317 words
Monthly words: 1,430 words
Writing streak: 4 days
Drawing time: 20 minutes
Drawing Streak: 4 days