Trow Forge

Trow Forge

Pre-orders start today for the third Goblin Alley book, Trow Forge, publication date: December 22nd, 2014.

While it is available for pre-order, it’s at a special $0.99¢ price, and will switch to the regular price on release. Buy Now

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A college student. A natural born runner. A fierce upcoming competitor among ultra-runners. The goblin king’s chosen messenger, gifted with the ability to navigate the shifting goblin alleys.

Dalton Hicks lives an uncommon life, turned upside down by an assassination attempt on his life.

A shape-shifter, fox spirit. Ghost rescuer. Specializes in obtaining the unobtainable. Skilled with knives. Protective of her freedom.

Mingmei lives between two worlds, ours and the faerie world. Recovering a rare artifact, she struggles to evade pursuers.


A veteran. An artist able to envision landscapes untouched by man. Isolated and alone among those he fought to protect.

Ben Hyland finds new purpose in protecting the faerie world from potential destruction.

The paths of these three intersect in a new novel of fantasy, of wonder and darkness, joy and fear. The world of Goblin Alley lies just ahead, connecting every city on the planet.

Novel, 440 pages
Publication Date: December 22nd, 2014

Collected Stories of 2009

Collected Stories of 2009My first short story annual collection is available now.

It was 2009. That was the year everything changed for me. Major life changes, career changes, and seismic shifts in the publishing landscape. This was the year when I “got serious” about my writing – not that I hadn’t been studying and learning for many years before, but this was the turning point.

This collection pulls together the stories published or written in 2009, including:

“The Copyleft Heart” feeling the effects of copyright on love…

“Commuter” capturing a cyclist’s fear…

“So Little Time” exploring loved realized too late…

“Space Monkeys” connecting a father and son…

“Dreamstone” bringing nightmares to life…

“The Good Samaritan” giving an urban legend new turn…

“Eetees” crashing aliens into a small town…

“This Book is Haunted” touching on the enduring love of stories…

“Witness to Dust” exploring new shape-shifters…

“Quantum Uncertainty” uncovering the consequences of new technology…

Ten stories, and a sample from Dark Matters, the first book in my Moreau Society series, for your enjoyment.


Waking Dead Things

Waking Dead Things


The first novel in the Dead Things series, Waking Dead Things, is now available. Previously published as written by “Tennessee Hicks”, I’m excited to get this new edition out, leading up to the release of the next two books in the weeks ahead.

Ravyn Washington.

Ordinary high school teen worried about getting her driver’s license, dates and passing classes. Oh, and dead things.

Sometimes dead things wake up. It happened to her Nana, branded witch and necromancer by the Inquisition. Now Inquisitor Lockwood shows up in town, checking if Ravyn inherited the curse.

And dead things wake up. If Lockwood finds out, Ravyn could burn.

New story relaunch: This Book is Haunted

This Book is HauntedAnother story live today, This Book is Haunted, previously published as written by “R.M. Haag”, now available at Glittering Throng Press.

Librarian Scott Taylor enjoys the quiet at the end of the day. Picking up the books, straightening up, spending a few minutes to get the library ready for the next day.

Books have a way of capturing memories and feelings. And tonight Scott discovers that a connection to a book lasts.


Beginning work

Work has already started on the new reissue of Waking Dead Things, with a planned release date of December 15th. Dreaming Dead Things follows on January 15th, and the new novel in the series Killing Dead Things on February 15th. These new reissues brings the series out under my own name (first two previously published as written by Tennessee Hicks), new edits, new interior layout, and new original cover art.