Daily Thoughts 94: Matt Dixon’s Robots and Doctor Strange

Author's selfie I’ve been busy today working on my librarian studies. I’m actually feeling a bit under the weather today (and it wasn’t due to the snow). Hopefully, I’ll feel better tomorrow. I’m supposed to go back to Hoodsport to help folks get books onto the shelves.

Doctor Strange

Despite the busy day of studying, I did take a break to watch Doctor Strange with the family. It was fun. Not my favorite of the MU movies, but I enjoyed it.

Daily Sketch

Sketch based on Matt Dixon's workI decided to go ahead and tackle one of my sketches for this week today. It gives me a chance to take a day off later in the week if I find that I’m too busy. Or it could be an extra day. We’ll see.

I wanted to tackle a sketch based off of one of Matt Dixon’s recent sketches for his Transmissions 3 Kickstarter.

I’m not at Matt Dixon’s level. He’s one of my art inspirations. I encourage you to support his Kickstarter!

Here’s the proof that I have a long way to go:


Daily Thoughts 85: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Author's selfieI had a plan today. I wanted to fine-tune the sequencing of my morning routines. I pictured a priority-based approach that started with getting up and going for a walk, followed by meditation, drawing, breakfast, and then getting ready for work. I’m not sure what happened, but I ran out of time along the way and didn’t eat breakfast or get anything together for lunch.

Never mind. I adapted. I stopped at the QFC on my way to work and grabbed some fruit, veggie wraps, and a snack. I stopped at the office to pick up a few things and then went on to the library in Lacey where I planned to spend the day working. After about an hour or so I got a phone call. We had folks out sick and our library in Belfair needed help. Lacking other options, I headed up there, about an hour away. The library wouldn’t close until 5:00 PM, though, so that meant adding an extra hour onto my day.

Things don’t go as planned. Make new plans. Since I had taken care of several key important things this morning (including finishing a short story during my initial morning commute), I felt better about my progress today. I still have studying and assignments to complete tonight, so I won’t be getting in bed early!

I’ll adapt.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Daily Sketch Challenge image This morning I worked on shapes again. I played around with brushes from Matt Dixon. I haven’t loaded the patterns yet. I need to go back and watch the video that accompanied the brushes again. It’s fun trying out the different brushes. In addition to simply practicing my drawing/painting techniques, I’m also working on continuing to development my understanding of, and use of, Photoshop and the other digital painting applications that I have available.

Daily Update, or April Wrap Up

Keeping Track
Keeping Track

Current Word Count Stats

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This morning started with a two mile run. No computer this morning. I left it off to avoid distractions. The run went well, with celebratory burpees afterward. I did a little work, and then it was off to the Day Job. Wrote on breaks. I spent time reading.

Today’s sketch was practice from Matt Dixon’s Fantasy Artist’s Figure Drawing Bible.

I love this book. I need to spend more time going through it, there’s so much still to learn.

This month I started the second novel in my Land Lubbers series, Sea Legs. It’s been a blast working on the novel. This is a series that I started a couple years ago when I wrote the first book. It had a limited release at the time in a serialized fashion as I wrote it, but I haven’t had a chance yet to release the book the way I want. That comes later. After the second book is done, when I’m working on the third. Then I’ll start releasing them in the editions I want to create.

I posted daily about working creatively while also holding a full-time Day Job. And along with that I did daily sketches.

On the publishing side, two stories were reissued and the second book in the Dead Things series came out.

Dreaming Dead Things


It was a good month.


Here’s the monthly calendar, showing all my daily word counts for the month. Most days I met or exceeded my goal of 1,370 words per day, and mostly met or exceeded my target of 1,500 words per day. Even while working full-time at the Day Job, I still made time to write.


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