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Today was one of those days when I knew the Day Job was going to impact my creative efforts. It was a good day, but a busy one that wouldn’t give me a chance to really get off by myself for breaks when I could write. No breaks, really, since I was always “on” conversing with interesting supporters of the library. It was the annual Friends & Board Forum for all of the library supporters. Among other things, I was co-presenting about local authors and what the library is doing to develop more of a local author collection.

Knowing that I wouldn’t have much time, I made sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour last night so I could get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately the dog and the child determined that sleep wasn’t going to really happen. On the one hand they did me a favor because I ended up getting up early and that gave me more time to take a ride on my trike this morning, and to work on my current short story before I had to leave and drive an hour out to Shelton. So (lack of sleep aside) it ended up being a good morning.

After getting home I spent another half hour writing and finished up the short story. That’s the third short story I’ve finished since I completed my last novel. The question to decide tomorrow is whether to start the next novel now, or do one more story.

The other fun thing today was the reissue of my short story Truth-Seeker, now available from Glittering Throng Press (and retailers) in e-book and print editions. This is a story that originally came out under my retired pen name, Michael Burges. Now the story is out in my preferred edition, under my name as I continue to reissue and release my work.

Tomorrow starts my weekend — which will likely be full of other activities than writing or illustrating, but I’ll find some time to create something new.

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Trow Forge Finished

A week ago I wrapped up the last bit of Goblin Alley: Trow Forge, the third book in my fantasy adventure series featuring runner Dalton Hicks. It was great getting back to that world again, and it reminds me how much I want to run more! Anyway, the books are on their way. First up, Goblin Alley: Bloodied Fang, scheduled for reissue in May. Then new books in the series,  Goblin Alley: Eleven Lords follows in June and Goblin Alley: Trow Forge arrives in July! Check back here for more news.