Daily Thoughts 139: Earth Day

Author's selfieI want to leave a better planet for future generations. I’d like to see a more sustainable future for everyone. It isn’t easy. Sometimes it seems like there is too much to tackle. Even so, sometimes it is the little steps, taken by many, that make a global difference. Climate change is a perfect example. We didn’t sit down and come up with an international agreement on what we were going to do in order to raise the global temperature. We’ve done the same things any species does in expanding, reproducing, seeking new food (energy) sources, etc. All of those steps add up to a big impact. Only one of the myriad ways in which we impact the planet, while at the same time adversely affecting ourselves.


I took a small step today. It might seem inconsequential. I walk every day past trash and litter. I’ve thought many times that I need to take a bag and pick things up as I go.

clean up your planetIt took less than a mile to fill the bag and then I carried it the rest of the way, sometimes stuffing in one more small item. I walked past more trash. Was there any reason I couldn’t do it on other days? No. I just needed to do it. It’s something I can easily do.


Today is also the March for Science. I work Saturdays, but here are some important words from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Daily Update, or Writing on my Pond

Writing on my Pond
Writing on my Pond

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A funny thing happened this morning, an Earth Day synchronicity. The morning started out normally. I got up and went out for a run. As I was enjoying the early, pre-dawn run and looked at the trash scattered along the side of the road, I reflected that this was Earth Day.

Maybe, I thought, after work I should take a walk and pick up trash. 

It’s not much, but maybe something I could do. I finished the run and came back and had breakfast. While I ate I had iTunes randomly playing songs from my library using an ‘underplayed’ playlist that only has tracks that I haven’t played much, if at all.

And what did it play?

It seemed a very appropriate song for today, and all the more fun since it just came up on its own. Growing up I was a big fan of the Muppets. I was one of the kids that actually collected Muppet puppets, created my own stories.

The rest of the  day was fairly normal. I worked at the Day Job. I took breaks, and when I was on a break I took out the iPad, set a timer, and wrote. It was a good use of my breaks, with [postwc] words written. The novel is at almost 25,000 words now and continuing to be a lot of fun to write.

Other than that, I also spent some time working on art and publishing, so it was a pretty good day.

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