Cupid Dancing

Seduced by an angel, Dylan explores the new, erotic world unveiled since his awakening as Cupid.

In order to save the world from ruin he must seduce those that carry the divine spark. If he can find them. And at what cost? How far must he go? Who must be sacrificed?

Geraldine, his Dominion, trains him in the erotic arts to prepare him for the struggle against the Nephilim.

Will it be enough?

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Cupid Awakening

An erotic journey of discovery.

As a fine artist Dylan thought he knew everything about the human form, about finding the inner beauty within each of the people that modeled for him.

Until Geraldine shows up and becomes his new muse, helping him awaken his divine gift and discover his true self. His true purpose.

Dylan thought he painted the inner beauty in his models — the truth? A divine, erotic miracle!

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