Daily Thoughts 82: Talking to People, Drawing, and Writing

Author's selfieTonight I attended the regular Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees meeting. It’s an opportunity for the public to have input with their trustees. That doesn’t often happen. Tonight we did hear from Cheryl Fambles of the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development council. They heard about ways that TRL can work with PacMtn, including an initial partnership on providing Chromebooks for job seekers in the libraries in Pacific County.

Talking to People

While on my morning walk this morning I listened to an audiobook about talking to people. It’s a challenge faced by writers as well as librarians. So many of us are introverted by nature, which is interesting when considering that both are focused on other people. Writers explore the inner life of their characters. Librarians reach out to help everyone. Yet many of us find it difficult to simply talk to people. It reminds me that I need to make an effort in both arenas to talk to new people. Something else to work on going forward.

400-Word Challenge

2017 Writing Pledge BannerThis morning I continued working on the story I started yesterday, Lost Book. I ended up writing 633 words, more than yesterday because I was resuming a story already started. That makes it easier. I’m having fun with the story. It feels good to get something written. I’m still not done with this story, so I’ll continue to chip away at it. I’m having fun.

Daily Sketch Challenge
Today's daily sketch of a frog

This morning, before heading off to the library, I took another five minutes to do my daily sketch. I went a little bit over my time. I was thinking this morning about how it doesn’t have to be perfect. The point is to have fun and practice, building the habit of drawing each day. This could be a warm-up exercise on days when I have more time, or on days like today it may be all that I end up drawing.

Daily Thoughts 26

Author's selfie Back in the office again today. The Library Board of Trustees meeting is tonight, so I’m working later than normal. This meeting marks the end of the year and the approval of the 2017 budget.

I finished listening to Bill Nye’s Unstoppable today on the way to work. It’s a good book. Positive, engineering-focused, it covers the challenges and some possible approaches. Largely, it is a call to action. I don’t agree with everything proposed, but in the broad strokes, I think there is a lot of promise in developing renewable energy sources. I’d like to see solar and wind power improve and expand, along with a distributed smart grid. For one thing, a robust distributed grid makes us less vulnerable to disasters of any sort. Less dependence on oil is a good thing in my book.

Writing and Art Progress

No progress to report today. I didn’t get to it before work, and then with a long day at work, I didn’t have a chance this evening. That happens sometimes. Nothing to worry about. I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.