Like any sport, obstacle racing has evolved to have its own dress code involving mud and tight shorts.

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Good evening. This is Ryan M. Williams, and welcome to the 11th Books for Coffee podcast.

The other day I went out running in the wee hours of the morning wearing my own version of the obstacle race uniform. I didn’t have on tight black compression shorts and nothing else. I actually was wearing what I wore for my first Spartan Race: red shorts with black streaks, a sleeveless black x-treme racer shirt, and the ever popular black compression sleeves on my calves. I also wore a pair of Reeboks Spartan Sprint shoes, which unfortunately rub raw the backs of my ankles so I don’t think those are really working for me. I’m going to switch back to the Vivobarefoot shoes I wore for my first race.

I also strapped on a key piece of early morning running gear — my headlight. At the shit o’clock hour it’s still dark, even if it wasn’t so cloudy. I went out in the 40°F weather for a quick trip around the block. Not far at all, and I’m still mostly walking the distance. I have just over 19 weeks left until my next race and I need to start making some progress before Montana kicks my ass. Following that race I have another in August to do the Pac West Sprint, and then my first Super up near Seattle in October. My own personal Trifecta. An official Spartan Race Trifecta would require me to complete a Beast race too, but I don’t see that happening in 2015. I’d have to take a trip to South Carolina or Texas. Or maybe Alaska, if they get that one scheduled, but both South Carolina and Texas have Beast races after the Seattle Super. Right now I doubt that would happen.

Along with getting up in the dark to exercise I’m also doing a lot of other practice to develop new streaks. I’ve found streaks very motivating at keeping up my enthusiasm as I work. I have a writing streak that’s listed in the sidebar widget on the site. I’ve started doing daily sketches and posting those. I’m logging my weight — not because I’m really all that weight focused but it gives me a number to track each day. It brings back the focus on finding some way to work on my health.

Trow ForgeToday was the official publication date for Trow Forge, the third Goblin Alley book, so that’s out now. As I posted yesterday, I’ve enrolled my books in the Kindle Select program, so that they’re eligible to be available through Kindle Unlimited and for promotional opportunities on Amazon.

All of these streaks help me get more work done, but I’m still working on the publishing backlog as well. There’s a ton of titles that I want to get out just as quick as I can. This year alone I’ve completed several books. In January I finished writing Stowaway to Eternity. Past Dark, the fourth book in my Moreau Society series was finished in March and will be the next title that I release. I’ve gotten the edits back on that, and hope to make time to get it ready for release. In May I finished writing Sea Legs, the second book of my unreleased Land Lubbers series. I want to write the third book, Murky Waters, before I release the series. By July I finished Time Retrievers, and in October I finished writing Europan Holiday. Plus books I’d previously written, I have twelve novels queued up to get published and out.

That takes time.

Plus it doesn’t even count the new books I’ve writing, or all the short stories, collections and other material to get out. Even if I wasn’t working full-time at a day job this would be a lot of work to get everything out. If I hired out more of the work it’d go faster, but right now I’m choosing to do it myself. I want to improve my drawing and painting skills. I want to develop and design covers. I get help with editing, but even there I’m working to improve and produce cleaner copy.

Right now I’m experimenting with different workflows and techniques. It’ll be interesting to see what the New Year brings.

Thanks for stopping by for the podcast. I appreciate it. Sign up for the newsletter (link in the sidebar) if you haven’t already. I had to change it since enrolling my titles in KDP Select — I can’t offer any of the titles enrolled, but I’m going to figure out some other benefits for newsletter subscribers. Maybe access to advanced reader copies. You could get first crack at new titles before I put them up for sale. Once they’re up for sale in the Select program I can’t offer them for download, but I could do that for my advanced readers.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions. Until next week, find one thing that you can do each day and let me know how your streak goes.