A century ago humanity went to the stars and discovered an enemy out of our nightmares.

Brock Marsden, private detective and member of the Moreau Society, fights to find a way back to rescue friends trapped in a time he wanted to forget. A time before the ancient races known as the Galactics gave humanity the Moreau Pods. A time before he was enhanced with the DNA and abilities of other species.

Trapped in the past, faced with a deadly enemy, Muriel Reinhard fights to get home to the future she remembers and the man she loves. Accompanied by the agency’s intern, Dyami of Eyota, Muriel looks for a way out of history’s path.

The crew of the Terran Expedition ship Australia went to Cyeechie to explore and discovered instead betrayal, death and the start of a war that would change humanity’s future.

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Release date: June 12th, 2015