Dead Things coming

The Dead Things series is coming! Work continues on the release of the new editions of Waking Dead Things and Dreaming Dead Things, along with the brand new novel Killing Dead Things — all coming out in the first quarter of 2014. The first two books in the series were originally published under my “Tennessee Hicks” pen name, and will now be coming out under my name.

Past Lives

Past Lives

You can get Past Lives, the third Moreau Society novel, right now at my publisher site at Glittering Throng Press! It’s available as in ePub and Kindle formats to buy direct via Gumroad. If you’d like to hold out for the paperback edition, it’s in the process of proof approval, so as soon as that’s done it’ll be available too. The e-book editions have been uploaded to the various retailer sites too and should be available any time.

Trow Forge Finished

A week ago I wrapped up the last bit of Goblin Alley: Trow Forge, the third book in my fantasy adventure series featuring runner Dalton Hicks. It was great getting back to that world again, and it reminds me how much I want to run more! Anyway, the books are on their way. First up, Goblin Alley: Bloodied Fang, scheduled for reissue in May. Then new books in the series,  Goblin Alley: Eleven Lords follows in June and Goblin Alley: Trow Forge arrives in July! Check back here for more news.

Beginning work

Work has already started on the new reissue of Waking Dead Things, with a planned release date of December 15th. Dreaming Dead Things follows on January 15th, and the new novel in the series Killing Dead Things on February 15th. These new reissues brings the series out under my own name (first two previously published as written by Tennessee Hicks), new edits, new interior layout, and new original cover art.

Dark Matters

Dark Matters reissue is now out! This is the first in the series to feature a cover I’ve painted. It’s been my ambition to develop my artistic skills. I’m having fun learning. From dabbling most of my life, it’s a challenge to pick it up now and get serious about it, but I’m painting pretty much every day. This edition has also been re-edited, catching mistakes missed the first time around, including a few minor inconsistencies between books.