Killing Dead Things

Ravyn Washington grew up and woke dead things. A witch, like her grandmother and a target for the Inquisition.

In high school she feared the Inquisition discovering her secret and burning her – surgically and chemically frying her brain to remove her abilities the way they did with her grandmother.

In college her abilities became a living nightmare that threatened her friends and exposed her to the Inquisition.

They didn’t burn her, they recruited her. And now they want her back.

In Bramson Bay, Oregon, dead things stir and Ravyn must put them down.

At Last!

Today marks the official release of Killing Dead Things, the third book in the Dead Things series. I wrote these books over a four-year period of time between 2008-2012. The first two under a pen name “Tennessee Hicks,” but then other things happened and this book didn’t get out when I thought it would. Last November I had a plan to get the books out, bringing the first two out in new editions under my name, but that plan didn’t work out either. We kept working towards the new releases.

Waking Dead Things came out February 1st. Dreaming Dead Things finally got a new edition on April 26th. And now, finally, the third book of the series is out in both print and e-book editions.

I’m excited to get this release out, and it’s just the beginning.

What’s Next?

With this release we move on to the next series, Goblin Alley. There’s a sample for the first book at the end of Killing Dead Things, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to get the series out. The Bloodied Fang is the first book, previously released under my pen name “Michael Burges” will be getting a new edition, followed by two new novels.

When, you might ask?

When we can get them done. We’re focusing on the novels right now instead of doing more short story releases. It’s just a question of time. The new edits/fixes are in on the first book, the others will be coming. It’s harder to predict how long it’ll take me to do the cover illustrations. Although we have a schedule planned, it is subject to change if things end up taking longer, so I’m not even going to worry about posting dates at this stage.

Following those, there are a bunch more titles to come. It’ll be a mix of new titles and reissues as everything is moved from the pen names to my name. Eventually those will all have new editions and everything else coming out will be brand new, never-before-released novels.

I’d also like to fit in some short story releases when I can, eventually working my way through the backlist as well as getting out new stories. There’s a lot to do!