Given all of the potential benefits available through Amazon’s Kindle Select program — including the ability to have books available in Kindle Unlimited — I’ve decided to give it a shot. I want to make it easy for people to get my books, and this is one way to do that.

The downside is that my e-books will be exclusive to the Kindle platform. Print books are available to order through a variety of retailers. I’d posted before about why I backed off my own plans to sell direct given the tax laws for sales tax and VAT. The bulk of my sales come from Kindle sales already (far, far higher than other stores). It takes additional work to publish to multiple platforms. Right now I’m simplifying my approach to getting my work out. I need to streamline my publishing efforts.

If my audience builds and enough people express interest in seeing my work on other platforms, then I’ll consider it in the future and weigh the advantages and disadvantages again. Right now it makes sense to focus. Each quarter I’ll take a look at how things are going and reassess (you have to enroll for a 90-day period).

I can certainly see upsides and downsides to the program. I’ve read authors who had work selling well saying that the borrows didn’t offset a drop in sales. However, given my current levels and ranks, the borrows would be a step up. It lowers the barrier for people to try my books if they can get them for free through the KindleUnlimited program.

Through the Select program, I can also try out Countdown Deals for my books, which might offer some benefits in getting exposure. I’ve resisted doing much marketing at all and have come to realize that I think there has to be at least a little effort made so that people at least have a chance to learn that my books are available.