Today marks the release of Fiction River: Fantastic Detectives. Here’s the table of contents:

“Case Cracked” by Joe Cron
“Living with the Past” by Dayle A. Dermatis
“All She Can Be” by Karen L. Abrahamson
“Under Oregon” by Kara Legend
“Role Model” by Kevin J. Anderson
“Death in Hathaway Tower” by Ryan M. Williams
“Trouble Aboard the Flying Scotsman” by Alistair Kimble
“Containing Patient Zero” by Paul Eckheart
“Canine Agent Rocky Arnold vs. The Evil Alliance” by Juliet Nordeen
“An Incursion of Mice” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“They’re Back!” by Dean Wesley Smith

See that story, right after Kevin J. Anderson’s (featuring his Dan Shamble zombie detective)? Yep. That’s my story. I’m thrilled to be in this book, with so many fantastic writers like Paul Eckheart, Joe Cron (hilarious story), series editors Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith, and everyone else included. All wonderful writers and it’s great to be included.

Publisher Allyson Longueira posted recently about the new release in, These detectives are fantastic!

Check out the Fiction River blog for more news.

Kickstarter Subscription Drive

There are 7 days left in the Fiction River subscription drive over on Kickstarter. There are still some limited edition rewards packages available, including the print Fantastic Detectives package. That’s a full year of Fiction River in print editions, plus the print edition of Fantastic Detectives. Plus you get print editions of books by authors in this anthology, including: Joe Cron, Karen L. Abrahamson, Juliet Nordeen, and me! My contribution is Goblin Alley: The Bloodied Fang, first book in that series. That’s a lot of reading!

There are also a bunch of other reward packages, both e-book and print, including Fiction River subscriptions and extra e-books and print books from contributors. That also includes Fiction River: Moonscapes, which includes my story “Caressing Charon.”