Unproductive Day
Unproductive Day

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I got up this morning and went out on a run, 3.56 miles, which included a trip across the monkey bars. I’m trying to get in shape for the Spartan Race later this year. It’s really hard. It used to be so much easier when I was younger. That said, it was a fun run. Cool, not raining. Celebratory burpees afterwards.

The running took time and then it was off to the Day Job. There, it was a busy day. I took a shorter than normal lunch break, very short other breaks. I mostly read when I was at lunch and only managed to get in some writing.

I also didn’t manage to carve out much time this evening either. Good day for exercise, very productive at the Day Job, just not as great as I’d like with the rest. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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