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I knew coming into today that it would be a tough day. I needed to go out to the coast to do training at our library in South Bend. That meant several hours driving to get there and back. Add to that meetings later meant no time for breaks. I didn’t even stop for a lunch break, just ate in the car.

Knowing that I wouldn’t get much time today, I made a point of getting started on my creative efforts this morning. I worked on the story for this week, finishing the interior for the paperback. Then I sat down and started writing, working on my novel. I like starting the day with more words added to the book, to a story, something. The hardest thing getting started early is having to stop.

I’ve started reading Austin Kleon’s new book:
I started down this path a couple years ago. For a year I ran a mostly monthly magazine of my writing and thoughts on writing. It started out much like Dean’s Smith’s Monthly, putting out what I worked on each month. Then it morphed into something similar to this blog.

I’m enjoying the book. It’s giving me some ideas and things to think about.

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