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Time. Working a Day Job full-time while trying to follow an artistic career as well presents challenges, limits on the time. Life is full of opportunities, more than can ever get filled. It’s also full of distractions. Some good and fun, but distracting all the same.

For me, these posts are distracting. I’ve enjoyed them. It’s hard to believe that nine weeks have already passed since I started this series of posts. I thought it’d be interesting to share the challenges of doing both the Day Job and an artistic career. It’d be a chance to share what I was working on, to post daily sketches and might help me stay focused. It’s been fun.


It’s taking time. It’s been fun and if I had all the time in the world it’d be fine. I don’t. I need to focus my time on other things like writing new stories, studying, and working on illustrations. I need to see what I can do if I focus my efforts. I have a long inventory to get out, and new stories to tell.

Going Forward

A bit over five years ago I decided to get serious about writing. I’d been working at it  for a long time, I’d gotten a master of arts degree in writing popular fiction and still hadn’t gotten serious about it. Not really. When I looked at how few stories I sent out, how little I actually was writing, the lack of any real study or clear idea of what I was trying to accomplish, I knew it had to change. I’ve spent the past several years working to do better. To get more done, to improve and I have gotten better.

Even so, I still get distracted. I need to get my stories and books out in the editions I want. That means completing cover illustrations and everything else to produce the books. I need to keep meeting my word count instead of letting days slip away. I need to read the magazines I want to be published in, and I need to send them new stories as I get those written. I need to study both by reading and practice. I planned to take this year off from workshops, but next year I think I’ll plan to do a couple, both in-person and online (maybe, if I can swing it).

And in the midst of all of this I need to stay healthy, do well at the Day Job and spend time with my family. The best part of today? I spent it outside with my son helping him learn to ride a bike. We went clear around the block (~1.5 miles) and he started getting pretty good about pedaling. We played at the park. We came back and shared lunch and ice cream. It was a good time.

I’m not going to continue the daily posts so that I can focus on learning and creating the books and stories I want to create. I’ll still post some updates, but it’ll be when I actually have new releases.

To catch up on other posts in this series, check out the contents page: Working Creatively With a Day Job.

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