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Slices of the Day

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Take a look at the picture above, and it’ll give you a look at my day. Sort of looks like a mountain or hill with bright rays of sunshine, and blues skies with clouds coming in, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s what it looks like to me. It’s a color-coded, twenty-four hour time-slice of my day. The sections that are gray — that’s sleeping. Eight hours, give or take. Then there’s a about two and a half hours of morning time in the blue pencil, part of that is taken up with morning routines and the commute to the Day Job. Some of that time is usually used to exercise or work on publishing tasks.

Today I worked on getting files uploaded to various sites.

All those green slices? That’s the Day Job. It takes up just as much time as sleeping, but spread over a bit more of the day because of the lunch break, which is the wide yellow sun beam. Other than actually eating lunch (usually reading while I eat) that’s time spent actually creating new words. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s a nice break in the day. The narrower sun beams represent the fifteen minute breaks when I also try to write.

Notice that those are all small slices, corresponding to about 1.25 hours per day, typically.

After work gets done, there’s commute and time at home in the evenings before bed.

Your slices might look different. You can number them as you like. I didn’t bother because the hour doesn’t matter so much as the slices and the way the day is laid out. Some of that blue time is often spent creating or publishing, but sometimes it’s spent watching TV, eating dinner and spending time with my family.

Talking about tracking, this is another way to visualize where your time gets spent.

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