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I took it easy this morning, relaxing since it was a day off the Day Job. Everything fills in the day off. Including relaxing. Without having the same time pressures as normal it’s easy to put things off. I spent time reading first, just relaxing and enjoying the morning.

The sun came up through the clouds. The rain had washed everything. It was cool, but not cold. I strapped on my Xero Shoes and went for a run. It was 3.57 miles, 37m:04s. It was a good run. Fun. It went well. I felt strong.

After that was some publishing work, then errands, lunch and finally a nap. Other things came up, including more reading and watching some television. Dinner. In all of that I was slow making time to write. It ended up going well, but I’ve stayed up much later than usual.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll get on it a little sooner.

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