The End
The End

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This morning I went out and worked in the woods raking our path. I want to alternate days between running and other activities. I also spent a little time watching some videos put out by the Writers of the Future about the contest. Mostly because I wanted to see my friend Paul receive his award.

He’s an excellent writer. I had the opportunity to read his winning story at a workshop we were attending. We both also have a stories in the Fantastic Detectives Fiction River anthology in mid-August.

I mentioned yesterday that I want to work on more stories. I wrote three in between novel projects before I started Sea Legs, and I’ll probably plan to work on more in between each novel, but I want to get more stories written and sent out. As I mentioned yesterday, I only have a couple more opportunities to enter the Writers of the Future contest. I plan to take advantage of that opportunity and see if I can do  better than honorable mentions.

On the other hand, I have lots of chances to enter the Illustrators of the Future contest. It’s probably unnecessary to say that I’m still learning (I hope to be learning my writing and illustration craft the rest of my life), but I haven’t been paid professionally for my artwork at all. That gives me lots of chances to enter.

And lots of opportunities to practice and improve.

The End

Today I finished Sea Legs, book two of the Land Lubbers series. The book surprised me because I’m also caught up in what happens next, in the next book, and then I realized today that this was it and the end was today. I know the heading for the next book but I’m not jumping right into writing it. I’m going to work on short fiction for a bit before I start the next novel.

It’s a time for new beginnings.

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