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Spring is coming and the buds are branching out. I was looking back at pictures of this last winter, which was pretty mild here, and was struck by one of the pictures of my son out in our one significant snowfall. I used the picture as reference for the sketch above.

In the picture he’s thrilled to be bundled up in a snowsuit that was too big, out in the early morning to play in the snow. He’s delighted in getting outside to play. The thing that  doesn’t show in the picture is that he was sick. We had considered not letting him out because of it, but ended up deciding that it would be a shame for him to miss his chance at having fun in the snow, especially since there was a good chance he wouldn’t get another opportunity this winter (which ended up true).

We all went out. He tromped around with the dog. He ate snow. We threw snowballs and had fun for a while and then went back inside.

His response to not feeling well wasn’t to pull up the covers and feel sorry for himself. He has a kid’s enthusiasm. He might not feel good, but he’s an expert at finding the fun in the day. On that day it was playing in the snow.

I didn’t feel great today. I didn’t  get out and run this morning because I decided to work on getting my next story release ready. All day I haven’t felt great. Not really sick, but achy and tired. It wasn’t one of my higher energy days.

I still wanted to find the fun. Getting the story ready to release. Writing the new story that I’m working on right now. Reading over the book before the one that I’m planning to start soon. Reading just for the fun of it. Watching Arrow.

If I didn’t find the fun, then the day would be kinda pointless, wouldn’t it?

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