Small Rewards
Small Rewards 

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Working creatively while also holding a day job presents ongoing challenges. The day job might be great (or not), but either way there are likely to be times when you wish that you could just focus on your art. You might be in the middle of a project and wish to keep focusing on it, but then you have to leave to go to the day job.

That can be tough. It can be really hard to interrupt the creative flow to go off and work for someone else. That’s not to say that the day job isn’t rewarding — but even if it is that doesn’t mean the interruption is always welcome.

Maybe other days it is welcome, if you’re struggling with your creative work and you just need to step away for a time.

No matter what you end up juggling the various demands on your time and energy. Art, the day job, family, exercise, obligations, chores, and entertainment all take time. At any one point any of those things can take priority.

When you do have a moment try to find some small way to reward yourself. I have a weakness when it comes to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. For me a few minutes to read a book, and enjoy some ice cream is a great reward. (By the way, April 8th is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s shops, I’ll be at work, but if you can make it fun!)

I didn’t accomplish everything that I might have wanted to do today, but I did fairly well, and continued to work on my new story today. I may have it done tomorrow? I don’t know. It’ll be done when it’s finished.

I also checked out a new book from the library:

I’m looking forward to reading it and incorporating more into my training. And today I saw that they announced the end of the gladiators in the Spartan Race as they work to get the sport recognized as an Olympic event.

Goodbye Gladiators! It’s too bad they won’t be there when I do my race, but I’m not that bothered by the change.

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