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Sad Gnome is Sad

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Over on Twitter Mark Fassett and Jeff Ambrose were talking about doing daily posts. Dean Wesley Smith is up to almost ten months now of daily posts. I mentioned in my first post in this series that his posts were one of the inspirations for doing my own series. We’re in very different places with our careers and lives. I think it’s interesting seeing what different writers are doing, what challenges they face. I’ve talked to writers that don’t know how to fit writing into their lives, and posts like these give some possible examples.

There’s no point doing a series of posts like this if you’re not enjoying it. Kristine Kathryn Rusch just ended her Business Rusch series after five years of weekly posts (which is extremely worth reading, if you want to get a handle on the business side of a creative career).  I really don’t know how long I’ll continue it, but for now I’m enjoying the posts, and enjoying creating a quick sketch for each posts. Some days that’s the only time I find to draw. It’s quick, but it’s something.

Today, for example, was a day when I came up short for my usual goals. I took the car in to the dealer this morning, breaks at the Day Job were interrupted and short, and I chose to spend the evening playing with my son instead of getting more written. That was fun, and okay. I’m up over my goal for the year at this point, so having a shorter day isn’t a big deal. Tomorrow I’ll aim to meet my minimum again, and see how it goes.

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