Avoiding Extinction
Avoiding Extinction


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After waking up several times throughout the night, I finally rolled out of bed shortly before 5:00 AM and convinced myself that I really wanted to go out for a run. I went out and did 3:58 miles, but it took 45m:59s, including burpees and swinging across the monkey bars.

Heading out the frogs were singing to the stars. It was lovely, and I just didn’t have any energy today. I plugged away at it anyway. Along the way my shins and calves hurt. I was moving slow and struggling. It wasn’t fun.

It’s possible to tough it out when things get hard. At least for a time. The same thing happens with creative efforts. Some days it’s not as much fun, but you get through it and have fun other days. But if it’s always a tough slog, then maybe it’s time to think of something else to do. Find something that is going to ignite those creative fires. For me it’s about having fun.

Today I didn’t have a project to work on. I finished one story yesterday, and I wasn’t ready to start the next novel yet (but I want to do so soon), so I needed something else to work on.

At lunch I went and sat outside on the picnic table outside the library, enjoying the sun. For the first few minutes while I was brainstorming I really was hitting empty. Then I reminded myself that I wanted to have fun. I took something from my day that really had nothing to do with anything and was off and running on a new science fiction story. The words poured out and soon I was off on another world, wrapped up in a new character, and having fun.

If I wasn’t having fun it wouldn’t be worth doing. All of the work that goes into writing, into developing my art, and everything else? I could easily fill that time with other interests, but I chose to do this. No one is holding a gun to my head. Instead I’m choosing to do this because I enjoy it.

Without that fun, what’s the point? Trying to tough it out through a hard day is one thing. Doing that all the time is a sure path to extinction.

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