Con Man Season 2. Can’t wait! I’m rewatching the first season now.

In line with my massive reboot, I’m going to start posting daily to the blog. I’ll cover things that are going on, thoughts, and progress on the massive reboot™.

Semester Count Down

Trello calendar

I’m into the final days of the semester! I have the next few days off, giving me more time to work on my final projects before the semester ends. Most everything is due by the 11th, and I plan to have it all wrapped up by then. Assuming I’m done we’ll go see Fantastic Beasts on the 12th (is it still out? I haven’t checked.). Also looking forward to Rogue One!

Sites and Apps

I’m planning to relaunch Books Are For Use as a Chrome extension along with the website. Years ago a tweaked a GreaseMonkey script to add a bit of code to Amazon’s pages to show whether or not the item displayed was available through the library. I didn’t create the original script, just modified it to work with my library.

This time around I want to do something more interesting that will recognize books on the page and show availability based either on geo location or a user’s selection of their favorite library.

First step, delete the existing site and reload a temporary site. Then I plan to use the site as a test environment as I study and develop more skills. I have a lot of work to do! The courses I’ve been taking have helped build a foundation, but I’ve got more work to do.

I have a bunch of other projects to tackle, but this will be an interesting place to start.

New PC

AVADirect ComputerI’m also looking forward to the arrival of my new computer in the next couple weeks. My current computer is eight years old and doesn’t have much time left. It can’t keep up with the demands that I put on it. I’ve upgraded as far as I can without rebuilding it. I didn’t want to do another build myself, so I’ve gone with this mid-sized PC from AVADirect.