Author's selfieSpent another day in our administrative offices. In addition to signing forms, reviewing documents, and meetings, I spent time looking at data. I also considered how we might improve our coding of materials in the library. I enjoyed it! I like being out in the libraries, but sometimes it’s nice to have time to get through some of the other tasks on my list!

War for the Planet of the Apes

I’ve enjoyed the new Planet of the Apes film series. I was thinking about the next movie this morning. I couldn’t remember when it was coming out. Turns out, it’s a summer release. So still time!

I might have to draw Caesar for my sketch challenge.

Writing Challenge


I need to restart my 400-word challenge. I didn’t set aside time to write yesterday. That’s okay. I miss a day, I just try again. I’ll keep my weekly count, it just won’t go up this week. I was thinking of it as a streak, but I really just want to count the number of weeks in which I’ve written at least 400 words, 5 days out of the week. I’m trying to keep it going each week. I think I’ll note the previous streak so I can see the comparison.

Love They Might Be Giants!

Daily Sketch Challenge

Self-portrait sketchI tackled the sketch first thing after my walk this morning. It is too easy to fall prey to Predatory Procrastinator (one of my bad guys in SuperBetter parlance). E-mail, web pages, and other distractions can quickly eat up the few minutes I might have to work on a sketch. I try to do the key things I want to accomplish first thing in the day.