Author's selfie I’ve been busy today working on my librarian studies. I’m actually feeling a bit under the weather today (and it wasn’t due to the snow). Hopefully, I’ll feel better tomorrow. I’m supposed to go back to Hoodsport to help folks get books onto the shelves.

Doctor Strange

Despite the busy day of studying, I did take a break to watch Doctor Strange with the family. It was fun. Not my favorite of the MU movies, but I enjoyed it.

Daily Sketch

Sketch based on Matt Dixon's workI decided to go ahead and tackle one of my sketches for this week today. It gives me a chance to take a day off later in the week if I find that I’m too busy. Or it could be an extra day. We’ll see.

I wanted to tackle a sketch based off of one of Matt Dixon’s recent sketches for his Transmissions 3 Kickstarter.

I’m not at Matt Dixon’s level. He’s one of my art inspirations. I encourage you to support his Kickstarter!

Here’s the proof that I have a long way to go: