Author's selfieThis morning I got up and structured my time to focus on the things I wanted to do right away. I meditated first thing. I didn’t walk because I was going out to the Hoodsport library today to move the collection and knew I wouldn’t need any other exercise! Because I was going to practice BookFittm!

BookFit, that is moving boxes of books, works your entire body. No other exercise gets the same combination of full-body workout! It’s a feet-to-head workout that engages each muscle group as you lift, bend, carry, push, pull and wrestle those boxes into place.

Seriously, it really is a workout. After moving 300+ boxes of books I know I’m going to feel this tomorrow!

Daily Sketch

Forest sketch I’m having fun just tackling whatever come up each day. The point is to take that few minutes to sit down and draw. It’s also why I’m not developing any of these sketches. The point isn’t to produce a finished piece of art. I’m simply having fun and developing a habit of practice! Today completes my second week of drawing 5 days per week.