Author's selfie I have a new class starting today, this one focused on social network analysis. It’s the last class I need for the digital assets certification that I’ve been working on along with the MLIS. I’ve been looking forward to digging into this topic. It’s something relevant not only to libraries, but also any creative entrepreneur. It promises to be a fast-paced class!

Alien: Covenant

Do I have to say more? This comes out right when the semester ends. Sounds like perfect timing!

Challenge Updates

Elephant sketchThe last couple days I haven’t made time in the morning to get my drawing done, so I’ve done it in the evening. I’d like to try and keep it in the morning so I can go about my day having already accomplished it, but either way it’s good to find some time to draw.

I dictated on the way to work this morning, continuing the new story I started this week. Still not done!