Author's selfieI had a plan today. I wanted to fine-tune the sequencing of my morning routines. I pictured a priority-based approach that started with getting up and going for a walk, followed by meditation, drawing, breakfast, and then getting ready for work. I’m not sure what happened, but I ran out of time along the way and didn’t eat breakfast or get anything together for lunch.

Never mind. I adapted. I stopped at the QFC on my way to work and grabbed some fruit, veggie wraps, and a snack. I stopped at the office to pick up a few things and then went on to the library in Lacey where I planned to spend the day working. After about an hour or so I got a phone call. We had folks out sick and our library in Belfair needed help. Lacking other options, I headed up there, about an hour away. The library wouldn’t close until 5:00 PM, though, so that meant adding an extra hour onto my day.

Things don’t go as planned. Make new plans. Since I had taken care of several key important things this morning (including finishing a short story during my initial morning commute), I felt better about my progress today. I still have studying and assignments to complete tonight, so I won’t be getting in bed early!

I’ll adapt.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Daily Sketch Challenge image This morning I worked on shapes again. I played around with brushes from Matt Dixon. I haven’t loaded the patterns yet. I need to go back and watch the video that accompanied the brushes again. It’s fun trying out the different brushes. In addition to simply practicing my drawing/painting techniques, I’m also working on continuing to development my understanding of, and use of, Photoshop and the other digital painting applications that I have available.