Author's selfie I’m busy these days with the iSchool. I spent time today reading in the car while Kate took Xander with her to take care of the shopping. We ended up with a bit of a traumatic event. She texted, asking me to come in to take Xander to the restroom. I escorted him in and he finished his business first and went to wash his hands, not realizing I wasn’t following him. Then he thought (for some inexplicable reason) that I had already gone out. He went out, didn’t see me, and panicked! I heard him yell. By the time I zipped and went after him, he had already bolted down the hallway yelling for me.

I gave chase. Helpful folks pointed which way he’d gone. He’d already made it down the line of registers hollering for me before he heard me and turned around. It’s a powerless feeling when your kid suddenly takes off.


Speaking of Powerless (I wasn’t, but now I am), we watched the first two episodes today.

It’s a fun DC comedy series with Alan Tudyk and Vanessa Hudgens. I wasn’t familiar with Hudgens. I mostly wanted to watch it because of Tudyk, and it looked funny. It’s silly. Everyone in the city is jaded because of the constant superhero destruction and Hudgens’s team must come up with inventions to protect people. I’ll be curious to see where it turns up.

My other superhero fixes right now include Luke CageLegionArrowFlash, and looking forward to Doctor Strange. I just don’t have much time to watch any of them right now.