Author's Selfie I’m wearing my new hoodie from TeeTurtle. It’s a fun Nevermore design. For many years I’ve worn a Blogger sweatshirt that Google sent me, but it was falling apart at this point.

My Book Fast

Last October I posted about my book fast. Not a fast from reading! A fast from buying or borrowing new books. I allowed exceptions for books required for school or nonfiction audiobooks. The reason? I have many books that I haven’t read yet! Books that I purchased, that I want to read, but haven’t managed to read yet. I’m currently reading one of those books, Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver, a gift that has been on my shelf for quite some time!

How well have I done?

Pretty good. Not a 100% perfect. I have bought books that were not technically required for school but were related to my courses or expanded on the material covered. I also have bought some art books. And I have borrowed a few fiction audiobooks.

Plus, there have been a few Kindle e-books added to my library. Some of those were free, Kindle First titles, some others were nonfiction books either related to my studies or writing, but there were a couple fiction titles that found their way into my library.

So no, not 100% on the whole book fast concept. It’s a work in progress, much like getting in shape or other efforts at self-improvement. I plan to continue and resist the siren lure of new books. I have enough to keep me busy reading for a long time, it’s just hard when fantastic authors keep coming out with more books. Still, I have unread titles by King, Hamilton, Cherryh, Rusch, Donaldson, Barker, Simmons, Powers, and more!