Self-Portrait of the author Kids are so annoying. They yell. They say thoughtless things. They play the same cartoon with squeaky voices again and again and then imitate the voice and laugh when you ask them to stop. And yet, if something was to happen to your child, you’d give anything to hear them make noise again.

This morning I got the chance to go out with Xander and watch him have a blast sledding down our little hill in the rain. Between the rain and warmer temperatures the snow is nearly gone already, but we still had that moment.


Cover art for Teach Your Kids to CodeI’ve also enjoyed talking to Xander recently about coding. I’ve asked if he’ll help me with the Scratch programming I’ll be doing in my class this spring, plus I have some books (and another surprise for him) on coding. This evening I went through the first chapter in Teach Your Kids to Code by Bryson Payne. I love that these books use Python. I have some other, more advanced books, on Python as well since it’s a language I wanted to master.

I’m going to review this one, and Learn to Program With Minecraft, before we get too much into doing some coding. The first chapter was a quick introduction to simple variations on the ‘Hello, World’ concept and a simple form of mad libs.

Example of Python coding

Final Days!

I’m off tomorrow and plan on finishing up my final reports in the next couple days. Then the winter break starts!