Author's selfie I try to find a balance between work, school, family, and play. Play includes writing, drawing or painting, games, reading, exercise, movies, TV, and all the rest. Some days it feels like juggling too many balls. I’m mostly comfortable juggling three balls. Give me more than that and it becomes more difficult.

All Work

With school and work both focused on libraries it sometimes feels like I live libraries 24/7. I get up and before long I am focused on libraries, either what I’m doing or studying. It continues all day. After work it picks back up after dinner until I’m getting ready for bed.

I love libraries and have high hopes for the future of libraries, but it is nice when I can take a break.

No Play

To counter all of this library focus, I try to find some time for other activities. I walk first thing in the morning with Zombies, Run! and an audiobook to keep me company. I usually listen to audiobooks when driving too, and most of the time they aren’t library-focused. Right now I’m listening to Allegiant by Veronica Roth and English Grammar Boot Camp by Professor Anne Curzan (I find it entertaining).

I took a few minutes this evening to play a challenge my son wanted me to play on Plants vs. Zombies.

I also meditate each day. And I try to read a short story before going to sleep.

It’s important to find some time during the day for breaks.