Author's selfie Snowing! I started out the day walking in the rain, but then it turned to wet snow and has continued snowing steadily since. We’ve gotten several inches now and it is still snowing. It looks like it’ll be pretty icy tomorrow and the forecast shows more snow overnight. That will impact the morning commute. Fortunately, I’m not scheduled to work. I hope everyone stays safe!

Castle Panic

Speaking of staying safe, tonight we played Castle Panic for the first time.

Fun game! For a long time, it looked like we were doomed! A few well-timed boulders, barbarians, and scavenge helped us overcome the monsters and win with one tower left standing. I first heard about the game (as with many others) by watching the Tabletop episode with Wil Wheaton. Thanks, Wil!

Santa Clarita Diet

This evening I watched the first episode of the Santa Clarita Diet. It’s a dark comedy with Drew Barrymore and it’s a blast! Gross, but loads of fun.

Don’t watch it if you’re easily bothered. If moral ambiguity, gore, and Drew Barrymore are your thing, though, then go for it.

I’ve also recently watched the first episode of Mars (enjoyed it too), and I’ve been watching (and enjoying) Colony as well.


I’ve spent most of the day studying. In fact, I have more to do. Plus I want to get a story scheduled to be posted.