Author's Selfie Traveling right now may be interesting, though I don’t need to leave the country. I guess I’ll see if protests impact travel plans or not. I wouldn’t travel right now if it wasn’t for the library. Today was one of the rare days when I didn’t need to go anywhere. Most days I’m going to work, running errands, or have to leave the house for some other reason.

Plants vs. Zombies

Cover art for Save Your Brains!My creative, imaginative, and fun son also doesn’t tend to pursue reading on his own. Recently I bought a selection of Plants vs. Zombies books in the hopes that it would encourage him to read. It worked! PvZ is one of his favorite games. Since I got the books he’s come into our home library many times to sit and look through the books or has taken them out to other rooms to read or to look at while he worked on creating his own card game version of PvZ.

Since I’ve got the trip this week I went ahead and set up an EA Access account and added Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and spent some time playing with him. I wanted to give him something fun to do while I was away.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

While taking a break for lunch, I watched Ouija: Origin of Evil. I wanted to see this after watching the trailer. Silly? Yes, a bit. Better than the last one in the series. I enjoy spooky ghost movies.


I’m deep into classes already! Lots of assignments and things to do. It’s fun!