Author's selfie Sporting my new Planetary Society t-shirt while hanging out in the hammock chair. It’s been a long day! After my walk this morning I spent time cleaning out our shed of things to go to the transfer station. Followed by errands, before coming back to work on my assignments for class, and wrapped up with a movie.

The Planetary Society

It is surprising to me (in retrospect) that I hadn’t already joined the Planetary Society. After listening to books by Bill Nye and Jim Bell, I finally took the leap and joined. I should have done it a long time ago.

The Shallows

We watched The Shallows tonight after having rented it nearly a month ago. This was a good surprise. A survival horror movie, a short of Halloween meets Jaws. Lively did an excellent job carrying the movie (since for much of the movie she’s the only person on the screen). I also loved that her character was named Nancy. I don’t know if that’s a nod to A Nightmare on Elm Street or not, but I’ll appreciate it as such anyway.

Defining “Game”

For class, I had to define a “game” and discuss the definition. I’ve worked on it the past couple days.

Games are structured social activities found across human cultures that involve rules and challenges which may be mental, physical, or a combination of both. Games elicit emotions in players, observers, or both.

This is the definition I wrote. I’m not going to post the entire discussion. I mostly focused on the social and cultural implications of games, and why it is that humans spend so much time and energy on games. Is there an evolutionary advantage to this sort of behavior? Potentially, yes, I think that an argument can be made. I also addressed why I think that even single-player games are inherently social in nature.